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The front end of this site is just a place to aggregate gaming news feeds so I don’t have to visit 20 sites a day.
I may have a few things tucked away for particular uses of little interest to anyone..

SEGA Launches Sonic 2020 Promotional Campaign

SEGA has officially launched the Sonic 2020 campaign, where they’ll release new Sonic the Hedgehog artwork and break Sonic-related news on the 20th day of each month throughout the year. Article source: http://n4g.com/news/2320642/sega-launches-sonic-2020-promotional-campaign

Level-5s New IP Megaton-Kyuu Musashi Gets “Full Version” Trailer Showing More of the Game

Today Level-5 revealed the “complete edition” of the trailer of its new IP Megaton-Kyuu Musashi, which translates as “Megaton-Class Musashi.” Article source: http://n4g.com/news/2320597/level-5s-new-ip-megaton-kyuu-musashi-gets-full-version-trailer-showing-more-of-the-game

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Review – 8th best game of 2019

Tom Chick – “Because among the many insights offered in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, it knows that if there’s one thing better than cruising around in a sweet ride blowing stuff up and flying through their explosions, it’s cruising around in a sweet ride blowing stuff up and flying through their explosions while listening to sweet […]

Hot Take: Black Future 88 is my jam [SideQuesting review]

Black Future ‘88 is a terrific, must play that captures nostalgic arcade action and modernizes it, blending it with vibrant visuals and precise controls. Article source: http://n4g.com/news/2320660/hot-take-black-future-88-is-my-jam-sidequesting-review

Sony Releases New PS4 Sizzle Reel “The Best Place to Play” Spotlighting Exclusives

Sony has released a new PS4 sizzle reel that puts the spotlight on some of the upcoming — and current — PS4 exclusives. Article source: http://n4g.com/news/2320627/sony-releases-new-ps4-sizzle-reel-the-best-place-to-play-spotlighting-exclusives

TikTok Studio Is Getting Into Gaming In A Bigger Way, Report Says

ByteDance, the China-based startup behind the hugely popular social networking app TikTok, is reportedly planning to do much more in the gaming space. Bloomberg reports that ByteDance is looking to create a “full-fledged” gaming division that will create “hardcore or non-casual games.” This new gaming venture is only in the “embryonic stage,” according to the […]

Sega Will Announce Sonic News On The 20th Of Every Month In 2020

Sonic the Hedgehog is gearing up for a big 2020. Sega has announced (according to translations from Gematsu) the Sonic 2020 project, which will see new Sonic news being announced on the 20th of every month this year. The first announcement is a bit of a cheat, as the Sonic 2020 project itself is January’s […]

Fortnite Is Making A Controversial Change For Competitive Play, Ninja Responds

Epic’s hugely popular battle royale game Fortnite is rolling out a significant change for its competitive tournaments in 2020. The company is attempting to crack down on cheating by taking action against players who “signal” each other while playing in official tournaments. In a blog post, Epic said it discovered last year that players were […]

Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair Is Getting A Demo

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is getting a demo, letting you try out the game before you decide if you want to buy it. The game, which follows up on 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee, is a 2D adventure, released in October 2019. The demo will be available for free. The demo, which was announced on Twitter, […]

Witcher TV Show Boss Responds To Campaign For Mark Hamill To Play Vesemir

The Witcher TV show’s boss, Lauren Hissrich, has responded to the fan campaign for Star Wars actor Mark Hamill to play Vesemir in the upcoming second season of the Netflix show. She told IGN that she was blown away when Hamill tweeted about The Witcher, and she admitted that Hamill “has always been of interest” […]