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The 10 best pieces Boss Level Music ever

Mick Doherty: “There’s nothing that gets the blood pumping and adrenaline rushing quite like a boss fight. Although, if the music for the boss fight is of absolute banging quality then it makes that jump to an epic fight that will stick with you for years to come. With that in mind I thought I’d […]

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review (Xbox One)

XBA says: If you’re a Castlevania fan, this one absolutely needs to be experienced as well. Article source:

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare “Dark Edition” Includes These Night Vision Goggles

Activision’s new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare re-imagining is set for a big multiplayer reveal on August 1, but ahead of that, details about the game’s “Dark Edition” have come to light. Leon Hurley posted images of the googles, which look pretty extreme. As fans may recall, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 also had […]

Ashes of Creation Shows Off The Quarrior

In their latest bestiary devblog, Ashes of Creation have shown off the Quarrior, a “docile creature clad in a veritable suit of stony armor.”  Thanks to its propensity to excavate the ground around it, researchers gave the creature it’s fitting name. Resembling a hedgehog, the latest creature to be unveiled by the Ashes team sports a […]

What’s Next For The Tomb Raider Franchise

PixelOmen7m ago(Edited 7m ago) Couldn’t agree more. The reboots have their moments, but exploration, puzzle-solving, and platforming are all far superior in the first Crystal Dynamics trilogy (Anniversary, etc) and even in some of the original Core Design games. Article source:

5 Video Game Characters That Would Be Too Controversial In 2019

thatguyhayat3h ago(Edited 3h ago) If duke nukem was made today, the femi-nazi would be all over it Article source:

Switch vs PS4 in Japan VGChartz Gap Charts June 2019 Update

June 2019 is the 28th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for in Japan. The Switch outsold the PlayStation 4 by 69,971 units in the last month and by 2.43 million units in the last 12 months. The Switch is currently ahead of the PlayStation 4 by 135,151 units. The PlayStation 4 launched […]

The Lord of the Rings Online Brings Players To the Swamp With Its Latest Update

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The 1,000-Player Battle Royale Game Has Been Canceled

The 1,000-player PC battle royale game, Mavericks: Proving Grounds, has been canceled. Developer Automaton Games is scuttling the project due to “insufficient funding,” while the studio overall appears to be closing up shop. The developer confirmed the news in a post on its website. “Please be advised that due to insufficient funding, the development of […]

Borderlands 3 Goes Gold Over A Month Before Release

Borderlands 3 has officially gone gold. Gearbox confirmed the game’s status on Twitter and thanked everyone who contributed to its completion. For those not up to date on the lingo, a game that’s “gone gold” has been completed and is ready for manufacturing. So Borderlands 3 is in its final stage before release. Any additional […]