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Pokemon Go Will Let You Interact With Gyms From Farther Away

With social distancing measures in place in many parts of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been making numerous tweaks to make the game easier to play. The studio will soon allow players to participate in Raid Battles from home, but before that option rolls out, it is temporarily […]

The Complex releases on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC

Neil writes: “Live-action, full motion video gaming is nothing new, but it has only really been in the last few years where we’ve seen a bit of an explosion in terms of the FMV genre. Much of that has been down to the brilliance of Wales Interactive. Following on from their previous titles like Late […]

Ilysia is an Epic Fantasy VR MMO in Development for PSVR, PCVR, and Oculus Quest

Pure PSVR: Team21 has come out swinging with a couple of trailers for its in-development VR MMO RPG, Ilysia. Article source:

Panzer Dragoon Remake Nintendo Switch Review

Now available on Nintendo Switch, It is high time to know if this Panzer Dragoon Remake is worth playing or not. Article source:

How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

KeenGamer: “Want to know how to time travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? This quick guide will tell you how to do just that. Make the most of Animal Crossing time travel to speed up the downside of the game’s real-time world, quickening the building of your island paradise.” Article source:

Indivisible Will Get New Game Plus And Co-Op This Week (For Free)

In a blog post, Lab Zero announced that a new free update is coming to Indivisible, the developer’s metroidvania-inspired action platformer, on April 2. The update will add two new modes to Indivisible: new game plus and couch co-op. Once you’ve completed Indivisible’s campaign at least once, NG+ allows you to replay the story from […]

GTFO Releases New Level Video

This looks like a fun and interesting game and here is a new level in action as part of a massive update. Article source:

Incredible Bundle Offers 40+ PC Games For $30, Funds COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Humble Bundle is known for its awesome packages of games, comics, and other forms of entertainment and software, and now the company has kicked off a bundle to help with COVID-19 relief efforts. For $30, you get 44 games, over 20 books and comics, and more. All of the money goes towards charities and organizations […]

Christopher Meloni Returning To Law And Order For A Limited Series

There’s a shortage of good news to go around these days, thanks to the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, but thankfully, there’s still stuff to look forward to–namely Elliot Stabler himself, Christopher Meloni, making a triumphant return to the world of Law Order for a limited series. THR reports that Meloni will bring Stabler back to […]

WD Black P50 Review: Fast but Expensive

Too cutting edge? By Christopher Coke on March 31, 2020 | Hardware Reviews | 0 Are you in the market for a cutting edge external SSD? Western Digital may just have the answer you’ve been looking for. Today, we’re looking at the WD Black P50 Game Drive. It’s an external NVME SSD with a cutting […]