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Star Trek Online Reveals Legacy Trailer

It will be interesting to see how this is as a new Discovery themed update is coming to Star Trek Online. Article source:

Effie Review (PC)

Effie is a gorgeous and entertaining 3D action-adventure, modeled and inspired by some of the most iconic platformers within the PS2 era. Its nostalgic ties to these titles will bring in those that grew up during this time period, while the simplistic approach to combat, platforming and puzzles; and Pixar like visuals will be highly […]

Latest My Hero One’s Justice 2 Trailer Puts a Spotlight on Newly Revealed Characters

Several newly revealed characters set to be included in the upcoming anime fighter My Hero One’s Justice 2 have been spotlighted today in a new trailer. Article source:

Andy Samberg’s New Movie Broke A Sundance Record By 69 Cents

The Sundance Film Festival is underway in Utah, meaning that the world of entertainment news is full of some very serious stuff–breaking reviews, brand new trailers, you name it. Sundance is ground zero for many a pop culture phenomena. It’s also, unsurprisingly, a time for records to be made and broken. That’s exactly what happened […]

New Smash Bros. Ultimate Freebie Available Now

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next DLC character, Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, is set to arrive later today alongside the game’s 7.0 update. Ahead of Byleth’s release, however, Nintendo is offering another free gift for Switch Online subscribers. Right now, NSO members can grab another Spirit Board Challenge Pack for the mascot fighting game. […]

The Best Vampire Games

Fancy playing a game in which you’re a powerful creature of the night? Sink your teeth into these games that let you play as a vampire. Article source:

Amazon has a ton of monitors insanely discounted in a massive one-day sale

Amazon is hosting a massive one-day on a bunch of really great monitors. We’re seeing saving up to 30%. Here’s what you need to know. Article source:

Bethesda Attempts to Make Amends With Stolen Fallout 76 Player Inventory by Cloning Characters

It looks like Bethesda is attempting to make amends on lost loot during the inventory hack of Fallout 76 earlier by cloning players. As reported on Reddit (via Kotaku), it looks like players are getting notified by Bethesda via email regarding their missing inventory. “A clone of your character (with a modified name) will be […]

Twitch Leaks Destiny 2’s Upcoming Prime Freebies

Twitch seems to have leaked info about an upcoming partnership with Bungie that’ll give in-game Destiny 2 gear to Twitch Prime subscribers. Eagle-eyed Guardians caught sight of a banner on Twitch advertising Legendary and Exotic items for subscribers. The banner was subsequently taken down. An image of the banner was posted on Reddit by user […]

Destiny 2 Servers Go Down After Latest Update Steals Bright Dust, Legendary Shards

Update: Bungie tweeted that it thinks it has identified the problem with Destiny 2’s latest patch and is working on a fix, with more info to come sometime in the next hour. We believe we have identified the cause of this issue and are working on a fix internally. Destiny 2 will continue to be […]