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The Division 2 Releases A New Rogue Agent For Warlords Of New York Season One

The Division 2 has released another Rogue Agent as part of Warlords of New York Season One. The latest target you’re tasked with hunting down is Venus, the second of five total targets that are set to appear throughout the season. Taking down the first four Rogue Agents will lead to the discovery of your […]

Path of Exile Announces Changes to the Purposeful Harbinger Notable Passive

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Black Desert Outlines Drieghan Region

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Star Citizen Lays Out This Week’s Content Schedule

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Super Destronaut: Land Wars Review | TheXboxHub

Daniel writes: “Super Destronaut: Land Wars feels like a love letter to the game it so inspires to be, but loses everything that made it well-loved in translation. The concept is solid, but fails to ever reach the heights to create an addictive gameplay loop.” Article source:

Resident Evil 3: The Kotaku Review

Heather Alexandra: “About five minutes into the Resident Evil 3 remake, I uttered the word “brilliant.” I don’t use that word often. I don’t know if I should have used it then. Brilliance is an incredibly rare thing, and Resident Evil 3 hooked me from the start. It is an explosive game brimming with intensity […]

Were Still Waiting for These 3 Xbox Exclusives to Get a Sequel

BlackIceJoe13h ago Fable getting a sequel I’m for and from rumors that are going around we’ll get one. I never understood why people liked Sunset Overdrive, I thought it was one of Insomniac’s weakest games. As for Sea of Thieves, the game is still popular, but I’d be fine with a spin-off that is just […]

Good Goliath Review

COG writes: Good Goliath is a wave-based tower defense game where you play as one of the last surviving giants defending himself against evil hordes of humans, witches, demons, and even sharks. It’s a VR experience that’s perfect for families, parties, or anyone looking for a genuinely good time. Article source:

Indie Corner: Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition – A classic RPG with a twist

Gaming Boulevard wrote a review of Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition, explaining why it’s a classic RPG with a twist. Article source: