Black Desert Releases BTS Video Featuring Megan Fox

Recently, Black Desert hit the PlayStation 4, and with it came a teaser trailer featuring actress and Black Desert player Megan Fox. The team at Pearl Abyss have released a short video talking with Fox about why she feels Black Desert can be a great experience.

Talking with Pearl Abyss on the set of the upcoming trailer for Black Desert, Megan elaborated on what it means to her to become her true self. To Fox, this is a perfect way for people, especially young women, to feel empowered and create a version of themselves who can feel powerful. The liberating thing for Fox is that through a game like Black Desert, players can realize they can bring those qualities to their real life as well.

Check out the full trailer below. The full version of the Black Desert trailer featuring Megan Fox is slated to hit YouTube on September 6th.  

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