Destiny 2 Has A New Secret Quest: Here’s How To Start It

Destiny 2 has a long history of sneaking secret quests into the game when players least expect them. There’s a bit of a lull in the Season of Dawn starting today, which marks the end of the four-week holiday event, The Dawning. But while it seemed like Guardians would get a week off before more content starts hitting the game, that’s apparently not the case–a new quest has appeared, complete with some involved puzzles that the community is working to solve.

The quest returns you to the Corridors of Time, that weird interdimensional gateway used by the Vex and which is linked to Osiris’s Sundial on Mercury. We last ventured through the Corridors of Time to find and save Saint-14 earlier in the season. Now that that’s accomplished, Osiris wants you to head back into the Corridors and explore them to figure out what their deal is. The trouble is, the Corridors are a maze and the path through them isn’t yet clear.

To start the quest, head to Osiris on Mercury and talk to him. Claim the “Exploring the Corridors of Time” quest from him, then activate the Sundial to transport yourself back to the strange realm. After that, it’s a matter of figuring out the path; the Corridors are a series of doorways that link to big rooms full of Vex, and each of the doorways is marked with a sign. Community members on Destiny’s r/raidsecrets subreddit are currently working to figure out what paths are required to navigate the Corridors and avoid getting lost.

Two of the pathways have been cracked, with the Corridors dishing out lore drops as you complete each one. There’s some evidence that the pathways might be time-locked, with a new pathway opening up each hour that gives you a different lore entry Triumph. The first path leads you to a place called the Timelost Vault, and activating an object there (marked, ominously, with “???”) reveals a bunch of symbols on the floor below that appear to be more pathways.

Follow these signs to reach the Timelost Vault:

Plus sign, Snake, Clover, Hexagons, Snake, Plus sign, Diamond with three plants.

A second pathway has also been cracked, which might be available only this hour (so until 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET):

Clover, Clover, Interlocking Hex, Interlocking Hex, Plus sign, Diamond with three Plants, Snake

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