Fallout 1st Subscribers ‘Wage’ Class Warfare in Fallout 76

It looks like Fallout 1st subscribers to Fallout 76 are “waging” class warfare against non-subscribers.

In a report by Polygon, news has arisen of class warfare between those with a sub and those without. A group calling themselves Apocalyptic Aristocracy was created as somewhat of a joke for those who paid the subscription fee. VectorZarak, the founder, stated,

“Within a day or two we reached 100 members. There was a real change in the dynamic as people flooded in. The anti-subscription players had become very toxic, so much so that players could not even discuss the private servers or the bonuses that came with them without being insulted or yelled at. What started as a joke quickly turned into a safe haven, where players who had subscribed could openly discuss Fallout 1st topics without being attacked.”

When asked by Polygon why they’re part of this clan, member Jeremy Songer replied,

“I really enjoy getting under someone’s skin and then at the end hitting them with the good old, ‘learn to laugh, it’s just a joke and only a game’ to later double down on my trolling.”

In case you missed it, Fallout 1st suffered broken features at launch, with things like the scrapboxes deleting player inventory, and private servers not actually being private servers, forcing Bethesda to finally respond.

Article source: https://www.mmorpg.com/fallout-76/news/fallout-1st-subscribers-wage-class-warfare-in-fallout-76-1000054357

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