Pagan Online Update Introduces Two-Player Co-Op Mode

For Pagan Online players, today’s news that co-op has been brought online should come as a welcomed surprise. This is, according to the update notes, the first iteration of co-op. In addition, the hero controls have received a bit of tuning and the damage calculation model has been adjusted. Lastly, “a little bird tells us the new hotspots for farming epic materials are the Threats”.

The first iteration of co-op is here! We had it during The Trials, but there were some technical issues with it so it wasn’t ready for Early Access. Now it’s making a return in its first iteration. For now, you can play any side mission or assassination in co-op. The campaign is not playable co-operatively. There might be some bugs and glitches. If you find any, please report them back to us so we can fix them ASAP. 

The maximum number of players is currently two. We also have matchmaking in place, which means when you queue up for a mission type, you will be matched with players playing heroes of a similar level. 

In the future, devs have plans to bring 4-player co-op on board and the UI will be tuned for cooperative play and optimized for better understanding of the battlefield. In addition, some balancing will be required and “synergy between heroes” will be explored to be specific to cooperative play.

Read the full notes on the Pagan Online site.

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