Phil Spencer Confirms That Xbox Will Attend E3 2020

Earlier today, Sony announced that for a second year in a row, PlayStation will not be attending E3. Last year, Sony’s no-show meant that a lot of focus was on Xbox and Microsoft, and it seems like that will remain the case in 2020, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirming that the company will once again attend.

In a brief tweet on the matter, Spencer promised that the team at Xbox is working on their E3 showing for the year, and that they “look forward to sharing with all who love to play what’s ahead for us.”

This likely means that Microsoft will show games coming to the Xbox Series X at E3 this year, as it’s due to release before 2020 is over. However, all games coming to the Series X at launch will also be coming to other consoles, as it will have no next-gen exclusives. The console was unveiled during the 2019 Game Awards; as of yet, Sony has not revealed the PlayStation 5, and many of its features remain secrets.

Whether or not Microsoft will have a good showing remains to be seen–here’s an argument for why Sony skipping E3 is a good idea.

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