RF Online (Brazil) Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given gift keys for the Brazilian version of RF Online that will give players 7 days premium, seed (4 hours) and more.  Get your key now!

991 Keys Left

Full details of gift pack:

  • Premium 7 days
  • Seed (4 hours)
  • PT x3 increase potion (2)
  • Attack and Defence 35% Potion (8)  

RF Online is a classic-type MMORPG that attracts thousands of players because of its features, most of which are still unique, even after almost 15 years the first server was released.

The gameplay is mass-PvP oriented, since many players have to fight to assume control over the Craig Mines – the source of invaluable resources, needed for further development of their gear and by that, the character itself. Massive battles between races take part in a special area three times a day so that almost everyone, whose level is high enough, is able to participate. Leaders of the races are able to use mighty nuclear strikes to change the tide of the battle.

The political system also is pivotal for understanding RF Online. Every player is able to become a Race Leader if he will be chosen by others during weekly Race Leader vote. The Patriarch receives a mighty buff and the right to make the players from his race “Wanted”, which allows other players from the same race to kill them.

Also, Patriarchs have the right to choose four archons (officers) to support him in battles. Other four archons are chosen through weekly election as well. These officers also receive a buff and some other privileges that make them much more efficient.

Also, the world of RF Online is filled with different Epic monster, called Pit bosses. They are source for valuable resources and items. Players are interested in hunting Pit bosses so much, that they even fight each other for the right to kill those.

RF Online has a lot of different ways of entertaining players: featuring mysterious lands, dangerous monsters and a clash between technology and magic.

For more information about RF Online make sure to check to check the official website now!

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