Sonys Cross-Play Policy Frustrates Players, Says Dev

Apocalypse Shadow9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

As far as I know, this developer hasn’t even made a game yet for PS4 to make any assumptions. Even though they might bring over Downstream VR Kayaking. Their opinion carries no weight. And the VR game doesn’t even look to have multi-player in it.

And two, how does a streaming service that WILL have lag, somehow play or compete with dedicated console multi-player that’s not streaming? Even Nintendo, with dedicated hardware, got pulled from playing a multi-player game with Sony and Microsoft because of frame rate. What makes Stadia special? Don’t even try a fighting game across systems.

And lastly, who are these frustrated gamers? Surely not the ones that don’t care one way or the other on if it’s there or not. Don’t speak for everyone. And of course, it’s gamingbolt.

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