Sick of Games through Epic and Steam

Too many issues lately.. Epic undoubtedly has the worst game client I have every seen, but I’m not fan of Steam either.
So, I have purchased my last game through either one.
If I cannot buy a game without one of them, then I won’t buy it. Simple.
I’ve already skipped three games now I would like to play but they are only available through Steam.
I did pick up Conan Exiles from Epic, because the v3 release was coming and I wanted to play with some friends.. and the game worked great, until v3 released. Now I can’t play anything but local, by myself. Checking Funcom’s forums, I am not the only person experiencing the issues I am having, but it does seem those reporting it all use Epic.  So that was $100 bucks down the drain. Meaning Epic gets no more of my money either.

Maybe it’s my loss, by refusing to purchase these games, but I refuse to be at the mercy of  a 3rd party for my games from now on..






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